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Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?  I have forgotten many, but when it counted…I kept one. It was the stroke of midnight headed into 2010 and as family gathered around and my children laughed, I told myself no more. I had been living a life where I no longer knew who I was. Ii had lost my identity.  The free-spirited girl from Cali was no longer.  I had become a person that tried too hard to please a man that I could not, my husband.  We were just from different worlds and our stars and moons collided in a way that made our universe unstable.  I had been given the best gifts ever, my boys, but again, I lost all hope of what could be.  I remember a young lady who ran in the wind and smiled at life.  I longed for her again.  I wanted to make a different in the world and not be frowned upon for wanting to do so.  I am not a selfish being.  I am a leader and a lover of life.  I made a resolution as the fireworks lit up the skies and the poppers played the tune of a New Year. I will be that woman again.  To this day, I have kept that resolution and will NEVER waiver.  I am ME. Live. Love. Laugh.