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Happily Engaged


Excited beyond belief. Honored to be with my best friend for as long as we shall live.


Happier at Home-21 Day Relationship Challenge


So I was checking out Gretchen Rubin’s March’s book list when I came across this challenge.  As a newly engaged couple, I think this would be fun and very interesting.  I signed up without my fiance knowing.  Let’s see where this journey takes us.  I will follow each day’s challenge and document the results.

Day One-Kiss in the Morning, Kiss in the Evening

“No surprise, couples feel more connected if they kiss and touch frequently; research establishes that kissing boosts feelings of intimacy, eases stress, and encourages bonding. ” -Gretchen Rubin

I already LOVE Day One.  This is something that we already believe in.  We kiss every morning before we even get out of bed.  Usually, he is up before me and makes sure to gives me a kiss before he gets out the bed.  Then there’s another one once we’re both up and moving around. then as we go our separate ways for work.  the again, when we reunite after work.  I can guarantee that there will be a few more before bed time.  So Day One, we has this one down.  Acting in a loving way, gives a loving feeling.  We love LOVE!


Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?  I have forgotten many, but when it counted…I kept one. It was the stroke of midnight headed into 2010 and as family gathered around and my children laughed, I told myself no more. I had been living a life where I no longer knew who I was. Ii had lost my identity.  The free-spirited girl from Cali was no longer.  I had become a person that tried too hard to please a man that I could not, my husband.  We were just from different worlds and our stars and moons collided in a way that made our universe unstable.  I had been given the best gifts ever, my boys, but again, I lost all hope of what could be.  I remember a young lady who ran in the wind and smiled at life.  I longed for her again.  I wanted to make a different in the world and not be frowned upon for wanting to do so.  I am not a selfish being.  I am a leader and a lover of life.  I made a resolution as the fireworks lit up the skies and the poppers played the tune of a New Year. I will be that woman again.  To this day, I have kept that resolution and will NEVER waiver.  I am ME. Live. Love. Laugh.