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Daily Dose: I Am A Businesswoman

Dare to think like an entrepreneur TODAY.  It’s in you, just grab it and hold on.

Dreamers Can Become Doers
Dreamers Can Become Doers

If you were to start a business right now, what would it be? I’ll go first:

1. Tea Shop

2. Eatery

3. Lounge

4. Boutique

5. Something, someplace that involves all of the above!

Don’t be surprised if you see one, two, or all of these in the near future.  Dreamers can become Doers. What’s your dreams?  What will you do?


#BerkleeNOLA: A Month Later

It has been a month since I left for my volunteer trip to New Orleans, LA.  I can’t believe how fast time flys.  Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my experience there.  Being blessed with such a wonderful opportunity has not only created a special place in my heart, but I now have a new family of 9 other great people.  Berklee College of Music’s GraceNotes does wonderful things in the community of Boston, so to step out and into NOLA was just fabulous!

Working hard-Habitat for Humanity
Working hard-Habitat for Humanity

As we went around New Orleans, so many people would tell us “Thank you for being here and helping.”  I want to tell the lovely people of New Orleans, “Thank you for having us and allowing us to come into your home and aid in rebuilding a legend.  I am very appreciative of everything and everyone that I encountered in NOLA. There was great food, fun, people and lots of hard work!


Kick it


We all have a bucket list, whether we admit to it or not. And that list is usually numbered 1 thru 10.  So what’s the 11th item on the list?  At this point in life there is definitely something else that I really want to do.  I love food and enjoy everything about it.  I have recently added “learning how to really cook” to my bucket list.  I would love some professional training.  I want to eventually to experience food like Queen Latifah did in the movie Last Holiday…just not dying…and then find out that I am not dying.  No added stress. LOL.  I have vowed that in 2014, I will start my training.  I will journal the adventure.  So excited about the 11th item.  I will not forget the first 10 of the list, as I will be checking items of that list also this year. 2014 here I come!