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Daily Dose: Outside The Comfort Zone



Daily Dose: Coping With Adversity


Daily Dose: Do it!

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Daily Dose: Dreams of the Future

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

Thomas Jefferson


Transformation Tuesday: What Is She Doing?

The Founder of Chief Life Changers, Debrina Wright, has decided to take a stance on her Secretary Spread.  She is going to accept the 8 Week Transformation Challenge and document the progress.  To see what Debrina is going to do, read her recent post.  We will share her progress right here every week.  Good Luck Debrina, we are behind you all the way.

Good Luck
Good Luck

You also may follow her daily journey on Instagram @iamdebrina.

Gearing up for a Miracle…or Two

Gabby Bernstein is the real deal.  I am more than excited to not only read May Cause Miracles, but to implement the 40 Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.  Doesn’t that just sound like it’s something awesome!

My elephant pillow purchased in NOLA and my bedside reading, Gabby's "May Cause Miracles"
My elephant pillow purchased in NOLA and my bedside reading, Gabby’s “May Cause Miracles”

I have read the introduction and I am already inspired beyond belief.  I am fired up and ready to forgive my past, release my future, and show up for the present with love and faith.  Something is telling me that this might be CLC’s first book of the month. Check back July 1st and see.