Always A Student

Today, my new courses start at Berklee Online. I will be taking “Online Music Marketing: Campaign Strategies, Social Media and Digital Distribution” taught by Chandler Coyle and “Developing Your Artistry” taught by Camille Colatosti.  In order to get ahead in life and be able to live the life you not only desire, but deserve…you must always be student, always learning.


I look forward to learning everyday.  I have found my true calling and I am now in the learning and training phase.  I want to do it the right way. Natural talent can only get  you so far.  FUNDAMENTALS can take you all the way.  As I continue to embark on this journey, I look forward to sharing and growing.  These two course along came with four required textbooks.

My Textbooks for Summer 2014 Term
My Textbooks for Summer 2014 Term

I have a lot to learn apparently.  Over the next 12 weeks, I will find and develop myself as an artist, share my talents, and touch lives with the tools and insight from my instructors.  It’s a journey well worth it. Here’s to education, determination, and the thirst for knowledge.


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