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Happier at Home-21 Day Relationship Challenge


So I was checking out Gretchen Rubin’s March’s book list when I came across this challenge.  As a newly engaged couple, I think this would be fun and very interesting.  I signed up without my fiance knowing.  Let’s see where this journey takes us.  I will follow each day’s challenge and document the results.

Day One-Kiss in the Morning, Kiss in the Evening

“No surprise, couples feel more connected if they kiss and touch frequently; research establishes that kissing boosts feelings of intimacy, eases stress, and encourages bonding. ” -Gretchen Rubin

I already LOVE Day One.  This is something that we already believe in.  We kiss every morning before we even get out of bed.  Usually, he is up before me and makes sure to gives me a kiss before he gets out the bed.  Then there’s another one once we’re both up and moving around. then as we go our separate ways for work.  the again, when we reunite after work.  I can guarantee that there will be a few more before bed time.  So Day One, we has this one down.  Acting in a loving way, gives a loving feeling.  We love LOVE!

Put Your Dukes Up!



I have decided that going to a regular fitness club is just not going to cut it.  I was born an athlete, have always competed, therefore I need to TRAIN…not workout.  I have decided that I will go to a boxing gym for a full body workout and the rush.  I have always wanted to train like a boxer, so the time is now.  I am currently not at my idea weight and shape.  I will train for 90 days and see what type of results I get.  Stay tuned…