Kick it


We all have a bucket list, whether we admit to it or not. And that list is usually numbered 1 thru 10.  So what’s the 11th item on the list?  At this point in life there is definitely something else that I really want to do.  I love food and enjoy everything about it.  I have recently added “learning how to really cook” to my bucket list.  I would love some professional training.  I want to eventually to experience food like Queen Latifah did in the movie Last Holiday…just not dying…and then find out that I am not dying.  No added stress. LOL.  I have vowed that in 2014, I will start my training.  I will journal the adventure.  So excited about the 11th item.  I will not forget the first 10 of the list, as I will be checking items of that list also this year. 2014 here I come!


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